In today’s world, we can analyse that more then half of the world population have active smart phones. Out of these, there is a sizeable number of users who have never used a computer but are using a smart phone. They prefer to see and access every information through their smart phone. In such scenario, if an App. is not in vision for a website, it becomes first priority to make a website responsive at the very first stage while conceptualizing the development of a website.

Being responsive means a website can be accessed through any smart device irrespective of device’s size and dimension without compromising with any of feature of the website. It is also called liquid design of a website which adopts any shape and size of a device which accesses it.

At MassMage, we take complete care while building website to create the webpage design fully responsive with the latest design norms and protocols to see it in all the devices with perfection. While doing so, we also take care for the design to be clean, user friendly, show maximum relevant detail without compromising any feature or content of the website and validated by the validation tools also.

Our sole objective is to build a responsive website that reaches to the maximum and helps conversion rate to rise to the maximum.

The Responsive Web Design (RWD) services that we offer are:
– Make site responsive for ipad and mobile
– Responsive images
– Responsive embedded videos
– Easily readable text on mobile devices
– Resposive website content


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